Photo’s for the clubs 65th Anniversary

Upload images for the  65th Anniversary here…

**** This form will be live after our January meeting ******

Our February meeting is also our 65th anniversary!!

The committe welcomes members to upload images they wish to be displayed as part of a slide show that will be shown during the course of the evening.


  • Image sizing: 1200 pixels on the longest side
  • You may upload up to 18 images in total
  • Images larger than 1200px, 2MB, or not a JPEG/JPG format will be rejected by the form. If this happens, simply resize your image and try again.



  • Fill in section and title fields for each image then choose your file and upload.
  • Click Clear if you wish to reset the form. Images may be changed after submission, up until the closing time noted below.
  • Click Submit at the bottom of the form to upload your images.
  • If the filename is wrong, delete the image, re-upload an image with the correct filename, and Submit it again.


Upload closes at: Sunday February 18, 11:45 pm


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